Our Farmers

Cootamundra Oilseeds regards its relationship with the farming community as a very important one.

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Our Farmers

We have a grower contact base, made up of local and regional farmers, shareholders and friends.We provide specific contracts for oilseeds on a fixed acre or hectare contract basis as well as standard tonnage contracts.

Our staff are only too pleased to work with our clients and inform them of the price and global supply/demand trends, as well as latest and compelling news in the industry that enables optimum decision making.

Growers, Hardie Family, Cootamundra NSW, have been growing high quality canola for more than 10years and supplying Cootamundra Oilseeds… “It’s been marvellous to see the company and the town grow. We strongly support the commitment to cold pressing, seeing our sustainable farming methods converted into natural chemical free food products”

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Good Earth Oils - Our Values

Cootamundra partnership with Good earth Growers

Good Earth Growers vision and mission is to provide grains and oilseeds, free of chemical residue. The farming practices aim to improve soil health and capture and store soil carbon and organic matter. Adopting the philosophy that Good Earth Growers are involved in farming food and not growing commodities, the agricultural approach involves methods not just to achieve greater yields but to raise the bar on the standard of foods produced and ensure the earth can sustain everyone well into the future.

Regenerative farming practices by Good Earth Growers ensures.

  • Pulling more carbon from atmosphere and sequester higher carbon in soil.
  • Rehabilitate and enhance the eco-system of the farm.
  • Giving greater importance to soil health, water management and judicious use of fertilizers
  • Farming practices to increase carbon sequestration.
    • Conservation Tillage  
    • Judicioususe of chemicals and fertilizers
    • Producehave no residue
  • More affordable and as nutritional as similar certified organic products

Live Healthy


Our Farmers | Good Earth Oils
Live Healthy | Good Earth Oils

The factory is SQF approved and our cold pressed oil is NGPV, Halal and Kosher approved.

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NON-GMO Cold pressed Canola oil is free of chemicals

Versatile oil that can be used in any style of cooking , deep-fry, stir-fry, baking or for dressing.
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