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Cootamundra Oilseeds - Where history meets progress, and where the future is built upon unwavering values of quality and sustainability.

Cootamundra Oilseeds, established in 1991 through the collaborative efforts of community-based growers, visionary leaders, and investors, embarked on a journey that has significantly evolved over the years. In 1992, the company marked a pivotal moment with the commissioning of its inaugural oilseed processing plant, initiating the crushing of just over 2000 metric tons. Through a steadfast commitment to ongoing improvement, our seed processing capacity has impressively grown to reach 36,000 metric tons annually.

The heart of our operation lies in the art of coldpressing, a process that yields high-energy canola meal, a prized component in stock feed for a multitude of animal species. It's paramount to emphasize that every canola seed procured by Cootamundra Oilseeds carries a promise of being NON-GMO, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to both quality and sustainability.

Situated in Cootamundra, we stand as a rural enterprise that consistently enhances the value of farmers' produce by skillfully coldpressing their GMO-free oilseeds. This commitment not only distinguishes us within the agricultural community but also establishes our reputation as a key contributors to Australia's agricultural landscape.

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We take pride in our role as creators of exceptional edible oils, esteemed by families, food services, and specialised industries, both domestically and internationally. Our work is guided by a deep sense of responsibility toward the environment, as we utilise clean, renewable energy sources in our processes. This approach harkens back to traditional methods, free from the use of chemicals or preservatives.

As we look ahead, we remain committed to continuous innovation in processing techniques, positioning ourselves for growth and diversification into an array of oils and food products in the future. Being 100% Australian-owned, our roots are firmly grounded in the community, sustainability, and the consistent delivery of superior products.

At Cootamundra Oilseeds, we embody the fusion of tradition and innovation, where quality is non-negotiable. Our facility, situated in New South Wales, stands as one of the largest Australian-owned, chemical-free, NON-GMO cold-pressed canola oilseed crushing plants in the country. Our current crushing capacity is an impressive 36,000 metric tons per annum, all located on a sprawling 6-hectare site. Our operation runs around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 350 days each year, facilitated by a dedicated team of 25 employees.

Our commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by our substantial $20 million upgrade slated for 2023-2024, which will effectively double our crushing capacity to an impressive 70,000 metric tons per year. What's more, this upgrade is underpinned by our commitment to renewable energy sources, ensuring that we continue to be environmentally responsible and sustainable.

To that end, Cootamundra Oilseeds actively reduces its carbon footprint, abating approximately 55.3 metric tons of CO2 on average each month. Our utilization of 568 kWp solar power is a testament to our eco-conscious ethos. Moreover, we are diligently working towards the goal of running our entire crushing plant on renewable energy by 2024.

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The factory is SQF approved and our cold pressed oil is NGPV, Halal and Kosher approved.

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NON-GMO Cold pressed Canola oil is free of chemicals

Versatile oil that can be used in any style of cooking , deep-fry, stir-fry, baking or for dressing.
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