Vegetable Oils

We have several different Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils available in sizes ranging from 5 Litre – Bulk Tankers

Unrefined Canola Oil, Premium Canola Oil, Extra Filtered Canola Oil, RBD Canola Oil, Safflower, Sunflower, RBD Sunflower, Soyabean and Linseed Oil For More information on our Cold Pressed Oils please contact out sales team or email

Our range of delicious, healthy and natural edible oils:
  • Cold pressed canola oil
  • Extra Virgin (First Pressed)
  • Premium grade light coloured canola oil
  • Blended cold pressed oils
Canola Oil
  1. Saturated fatty acid content in the range of 6% to 7% ‐lowest of all oils
  2. “Crude canola oil contains significant levels of minor components with associated health beneficial properties. Of particular interest are the fat soluble compounds , Tocopherals sterols and carotenoids.” Enhancing Canola oil Quality Through Retention of bioactive Compounds
  3. Carotenoids 90-100% are removed in refining as these are held in the colour pigments. Lutein is the carotenoid that prevents macular degeneration. It is in crude canola oil at levels that promote health benefits
Current commercial processing losses

– 40% sterols
– 50% tocopherols
– 90% carotenoids

We will be the only plant that can separate the first press oil and market this as an edible quality producing Extra Virgin Canola Oil (XVCO) which has less than half the saturated fats of XV olive oil and 9 times the Omega 3 and 2.75 times the amount of Omega 6, see table below.

OIL Omega-3 Omega-6 Monounsaturated fat Saturated fat
Canola 9 22 62 6
Olive oil (extra virgin) 1 8 77 14
Powered by Renewable Energy
  • A newly built facility fulfils our clients, consumers requirements for sustainably manufactured natural food and feed vegetable oils
  • High quality, efficiently produced, chemical and preservative free oil
  • Lowest carbon foot print in the oilseed processing sector
Cold Pressed Canola Oil
  • During cold pressing, only 88% oil is extracted and 12% oil is left in the meal.
  • Cold pressing produces high energy meal and gives a purer higher quality oil.
  • All canola seed purchased by Cootamundra Oilseeds Pty Ltd is guaranteed Non GMO.
Typical Quality
Parameters Typical values(Standards)
Free fatty Acid (as oleic acid) 0.2% (Max. 1.0 %)
Iodine Value (gI2/100g) 108 (105-126)
Erucic Acid 0.2% (Max. 2%)
Moisture Volatile Matter and Impurities 0.10% (0.25% Max)
Flash point (Open cup) 310C (280.0 C min)
Peroxide Value mEq/Kg 2.0 (Max. 10.0)
Specific Gravity at 25oC 0.913 (0.905 –0.920)
Viscosity cPat 40C 36 centipoises
Colour (Gardiner 1933) 10.0 (Max 12)
  • Reduced Oil Degradation
  • Reduced wax content
  • No Chemical Residues
Minor components Commonly known as.. Associated health benefits
Phytosterols Plant sterols LDL cholesterol lowering effects, cardiovascular benefits
Tocopherols Vitamin E Antioxidant properties, cancer and disease fighting properties
Carotenoids Vitamin A Antioxidant properties, skin and eye health
  • 3 main Phytosterols in Cold pressed canola oil.
    1. Beta Sito Sterol
    2. Campes Sterol
    3. Brasica Sterol
  • All 3 act as a positive influence in cardio Vascular health & the lowering of LDL Choleterol.
  • Refining can remove between 30-60% of them with an average of 40%